Operating Dev

Blurring the line between software development and operations

Operating Dev - Blurring the line between software development and operations


The Operating Dev blog was started at the end of 2012 by Goran Kimovski (Kima, as he is known among his network). His goal was to promote the idea of merging the skills of software development and IT/Ops professionals. The aim is to produce software and solutions that are architected for scalability and other production demands. These “new” software professionals can push the software development process to embrace deployment and production as a critical part of it.

In his post, What is Operating Dev? Kima shares his vision of

… a new breed of software and IT engineers – one that can not only hack code or maintain production systems, but can design, develop and deliver solutions that are maintainable, fault-tolerant, self-healing, auto-scaling and can alert them when anything goes wrong.

As a methodology that extends the agile principles into IT to bridge the gap between development and the production operations, DevOps is one of the basis for this blog. However, the blog covers wider topics and aims to share experiences and provide advice in a diverse number of areas, including agile software development and project methodologies, release management and operations, cloud infrastructure and “as a Service” solutions and models, startup-related issues, etc.

Kima’s vision for this blog is to grow it to include posts from other software and IT engineers, either as guest bloggers or as regular bloggers that are interested in building a small co-op community interested in bridging the gaps between Dev and Ops.

If you are interested in blogging for Operating Dev, please use the form on the Contact page.

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